Taylor J Grant Designs

Good Fortune Necklace


Paying respect to eastern culture, the Good Fortune Necklace is centered around a strikingly beautiful jade pendant. In the center of the pendant is the Chinese character, 福 (Fú)which means both "Fortune" and "Good Luck". This symbol is seen all throughout China, commonly placed above the entrances of homes. It is also commonly associated with the wonderful and magical Chinese New Year holiday. The beaded Jade necklace that surrounds the pendant adds more eastern tradition to the piece as jade is commonly associated with preciousness and beauty in Chinese culture and embodies Confucian virtues of courage, wisdom, justice, and compassion.

Piece Specifications:

Pendant: Jade and Gold 福 (Fú) Pendant
Necklace: Wire-wrapped Jade Rondel Beads
Clasp: No Clasp
Length: 34"

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